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vocal skills for public speaking and executive communication

Your voice is a powerful tool. The way you use it has a profound influence on you and the people around you. Find Your Voice trainings teach participants how to make the most of their voice and master common challenges such as speech anxiety, stage fright and creative block.

Find Your Voice sessions are aimed at professionals and semi-professionals looking to take their success as public speakers, team leaders and executives to the next level. Training modules range from one-day, half-day to 90-minutes group workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions. Based on confidence-boosting, results-driven methods, Find Your Voice offers unique possibilities for career development and team-building.

Find Your Voice focuses on the development and cultivation of vocal skills and speech performance. Find Your Voice founder, Lise Huber applies playful practice and techniques to achieve impact and resonance, to build trust and confidence with our audience. Lise’s teaching style has been described as “Ingenious, empathetic and highly competent, of how she passes on her knowledge and skills”; “Lise is being incredibly involved in the process of finding and reaching your highest potential.”; “Her relaxed nature and upbeat style make it an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

Find Your Voice can be tailored to deliver a variety of training purposes and outcomes.

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This is a 90-minutes breath-body-vocal practice for singers and everyone who wants to develop their vocal expression and range.
In each training I will lead you through an arrangement of exercises. Practice will be followed by improv and singing sessions in which we’ll explore our new gained skills.

Drop in at Hamilton House, Studio 1
almost every Monday 8.15-9.45 p.m.
Dates 2019:
march 4/11/18/25
april 1/8/15/29
may 6/13/20/27
june 10/17/24
july 1/8/15/22
september 9/16/23/30
october 14/21/28
november 4/11/18/25
december 2/9/16/23

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Book your FREE 30 minutes trial lesson, so you can work out your personalised vocal practice.
Apart from simple and effective vocal technique and care, Lise can instruct you in music harmony and piano, and provide support in your creative process of writing your own songs and building your self-chosen repertoire.
Lessons take place via Skype. Medium of instruction: English and German
60 minutes: £ 45 / € 50
package of 5 lessons a 60 min.: £ 200 / € 225
package of 10 lessons a 60 min.: £ 350 / € 400

For more information and to schedule your lessons please get in touch with Lise via mail: wp(at)lisehuber(dot)com

„Lise’s way to communicate her knowledge and experience is wonderful and clear.“ Christina
„Liberating and relaxing.“
„Besides from being emphatic and sensitive, she has got an incredible knowledge of singing technique, the physical understanding of how and why.“ Bernhard

GEA Akademie Schrems Austria
Seit 2017 unterrichte ich Stimmfindungsworkshops an der GEA Akademie Schrems. Der Fokus der Workshops liegt darin die Beziehung zur eigenen Stimme wieder aufzubauen und zu pflegen. Wir finden einen leichten und spielerischen Umgang mit dem uns innewohnenden Instrument und werden so mit uns selbst wieder stimmig.

Unsere Stimme ist das uns innewohnende Instrument. Mit ihr kommunizieren wir täglich und sie verleiht unseren Befindlichkeiten Ausdruck, dabei ist unser Körper unser Klangkörper. Stell dir mal vor dein Körper wäre ein Segelschiff, deine Stimme die Segel, der Wind dein Atem und du bist der Kapitän.

Es hat einfach mit Freiheit zu tun. Wir können lernen uns wieder urteilsfrei auf Entdeckungsreise zu begeben. Jede und Jeder von uns hat seine eigene Stimme, seine eigenen Ohren und seine eigenen Erfahrungen. Ich werde euch auf dieser Entdeckungsreise zu eurer eigenen Stimme begleiten und ihr großzügig Gehör und Raum schenken.

Infos, Termine 2019 und Anmeldung:
18. bis 20. Jaenner
25. bis 27. Jaenner
30. Mai bis 02. Juni
26. bis 28. Juni
04. bis 06. Oktober