Photo: Christopher Klettermayer


Lise Huber has performed at top live venues including Porgy&Bess Vienna, Radiokulturhaus Wien and The Hideaway Jazz Club London, and has collaborated with numerous musicians, notable Jazz artists and producers. Her debut album Lil Maxine ‘A Little Girl’s Lovesongs’ established her, from a standing start, as a highly regarded songwriter and artist. In 2019 the album has been signed to one of the world’s oldest music libraries, De Wolfe Music USA. Lil Maxine is one out of three featured live acts in the Jazz Exchange Austria UK concert series 2019, funded by the Austrian Cultural Forum London.

In 2018, she successfully made her UK live debut at The Hideaway Jazz Club London in April 2018, as a trio with Calum Gourlay (db) and Dave Hamblett (dr), and completed a tour of Spain, two highlights of which one was a concert as a duo with bass player Francesco Moreno, for EU politicians and diplomats at the residence of the Austrian Ambassador to Spain in Madrid, and a concert at Jazzenviu – Cafe Auditori Sant Cugat as a trio with Camilo Fernandez (db) and Joao Vieira (dr).
In 2017 she performed at the Spacemountain Festival in Spain, where she was recorded by Beatles, Pink Floyd and Radiohead producer/engineer, John Leckie. This opened the opportunity to join the DWD Studio sessions in Goa in February 2018, where she worked with The Egg under the guidance of Ninja Tunes record label founder Matt Black.

Lise collaborates and works with various projects in the field of Jazz, Electronic, World Crossover such as S.O.D.A. „Jazz and Peace“, Grammy Award Winner Skyler Jett, Baerbel Strehlau „artfusion“, Oliver Steger’s Jazz for children „Die Jazzgeister“.

As a vocal coach she has been teaching one-to-one sessions since 2012. From September 2016 until June 2018 she worked with Vienna’s 1st choir of ’non‘-singers. Since 2017 she successfully worked with more than 200 people throughout her vocal workshops.

She moved to Bristol in 2018 where she continues her work as a vocal coach and Jazz vocalist and songwriter under her alter ego Lil Maxine.